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The timber rafting season is from 01/05/2023 to 31/10/2023.


Experience timber rafting as a real timber rafter and embark on a journey down the Drava River!

Learn about the history of timber rafting and the process of selling timber and steer the raft down the Drava River just like they did in the past.

However, a timber rafter's adventure was never easy, so you'll also be getting your hands dirty! You'll need to prepare a rafter's meal, brew coffee over an open fire, and paddle with a real timber raftin paddle (called Lemež). Are you ready?

See Maribor from a different perspective and embrace the Drava River. Let the healing power of the water and the beautiful nature brighten your day!

Rafting on "hlodovec" with two rafters takes 2 hours. We will navigate from Koblar Bay to Maribor's Lent, which used to be an old harbor for timber rafts and special boats called Šajke. We will return to the starting point in Koblar Bay using a motorboat. Upon request, Lent can also be the drop-off point.


Included in the price is:

  • Timber rafting aperitif (blueberry schnapps or plum brandy) 

  • Drinks on a "drink as much as you like" basis (white wine, mineral water, apple juice)

  • Sausage grilled on the raft, vegetables, homemade bread, or a cold snack (open-faced sandwiches) or a piece of Gibanica (traditional slovene cottage cheese strudel)

  • Timber rafting coffe.

  • Timber rafters baptism

  • Children up to 6 years of age, accompanied by parents, ride for free..

  • Accident insurance for rafting participants.

  • Entertainment on the raft available in Slovenian, Croatian, German, English, Italian languages.


The customer has the right to cancel rafting at no cost if the cancellation is submitted at least 2 days before the scheduled rafting date in electronic form via the email address through which the customer communicated with the tourist ride provider at the time of booking..
In the event that the customer cancels rafting later, the organizer is entitled to reimbursement of costs. The amount of the cost reimbursement depends on the timing of the customer's written or verbal cancellation.
Cancellation fees:

  • 20% of the agreed price if the cancellation is accepted up to 3 hours (by phone) before the start of rafting.

  • 50% of the agreed price will be charged for no-shows without prior cancellation.

Special Notice:
The rafting organizer reserves the right to cancel rafting if the customer's group arrives more than 15 minutes late. In such cases, the organizer is entitled to reimbursement of rafting costs amounting to 50% of the agreed price.
In the booking, the customer must provide the telephone contact of the travel guide.

Payment can be made via a proforma invoice, voucher, purchase order, or in cash.
Credit cards are not accepted.



GSM: 040 467 071 (Tadeja)

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